Create Your Own Bibimbap at Brown Rice Korean Grill

September 25, 2018 | Services
Create Your Own Bibimbap at Brown Rice Korean Grill

The newly opened Brown Rice Korean Grill lets you create a custom bowl of authentic Korean flavors in their classic bibimbap, a bowl of rice, vegetables, and protein, and can be prepared in dozens of variations.

Choose from three bowl sizes and five different types of perfectly cooked rice. The protein choices are where you can start to see classic Korean influences, with choices like beef or chicken bulgogi, spicy pork belly, and several seafood options. There are also three different preparations of tofu available for your protein selection. Then, pile on the veggies and sauce of your choice for a delicious meal that is prepared exactly how you like it. Don’t forget to try the other menu items, like Korean soups, stews and handmade Mandu dumplings.

Brown Rice Korean Grill is open seven days a week. You can also beat the crowd and order online for quick on-the-go service.

Public Domain/Pixabay/sharonang